Sophie Tovani

Sophie Tovani

Michigan 〽️ - CWPA Champion 🏆

Hi! My name is Sophie Tovani and I am a senior on the University of Michigan Water polo team. I started playing at a very young age, and love the community our sport brings along with it. I always desired to have someone with experience invest time into me and would love to give that to any and all who desire it as well, knowing the sport can be difficult to grow in. I would love to help grow the sport while I am out of California and bring opportunities to the greater Michigan area. I hope we can work together!

Preferred Age Group: 8-18
Ann Arbor, MI

Contact Info

If your lesson does not go as planned, you will receive a full refund

What we can work on:

  • Game Awareness/ Film Breakdown
  • Recruiting Advice (What it's like playing in college, how I got recruited)
  • Shooting (Training, drills, movements, strategies)
  • Work ethic, goal setting, and mental toughness
  • Finding your why!