Keegan Tingey

Keegan Tingey

San Jose Earthquakes #17⚽️ - Current Pro player in MLS ⚽️ - 4 year starter at outside back at Stanford🌲 - Pac 12 champion 🏆 - Three time All-Pac 🏆 - Multiple National Player of the week 🏆 - Stanford Graduate 📚 - Academic All-American 📚 - San Jose Earthquakes Academy Graduate ⚽️

My name is Keegan Tingey and I am a current professional player in the MLS. I have been playing soccer since I was young enough to walk. I love inspiring people to work hard and achieve their goals. I am a determined, hard-working individual who will get the best out of anyone.

Preferred Age Group: All Ages and Skill Levels
Palo Alto, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA

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What we can work on:
  • Dribbling
  • Beating player's 1v1
  • Defending 1v1 situations
  • Crossing and precise passing
  • Game awareness and IQ
  • Speed, agility, fitness, and mobility
  • Recruiting advice for getting into the college you want to go to
  • The path to professional soccer and how to get there