Jason Norris

Jason Norris

Dartmouth🟢 - 3x State Champion 🥇 - Top 10 Ivy League Steeplechase 🏃🏻

I understand the sport very well, particularly when it comes to improving yourself as a runner and overcoming setbacks. I know the techniques, drills, workouts, and lifts that have enabled many to become great runners. Given that running is as much a mental sport as physical, I coach strategies to develop mental toughness and resilience.

Preferred Age Group: All Ages
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What we can work on:

  • Training Schedule (Mileage, Workouts, Lifts, Drills, etc.)
  • Racing IQ (Race Tactics, Footage Review, Racing Mindset, etc.)
  • Mental Toughness (Positive Self-Talk, Goal Setting, Resiliency, etc.)
  • Recruiting Advice (My Experience, Visit Advice, Balancing Academics and Athletics, etc.)