Jack Skahan

Jack Skahan

San Jose Earthquakes #16⚽️ - UNC Chapel Hill ⚽️ - All ACC first team ⚽️ - MLS draft pick ⚽️

My name is Jack Skahan and I am a professional soccer player in the MLS. I have been a winger/midfielder for the San Jose Earthquakes  for the past 3 seasons. I played NCAA soccer at UNC Chapel Hill. I excel in teaching dribbling at speed, shooting, passing and receiving, and situational offense.

Preferred Age Group: All Ages and Skill Levels
Palo Alto, CA
San Jose, CA

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What we can work on:
  • Technical Skills
  • Fitness
  • Mental Game
  • Dribbling with speed
  • Shooting
  • Passing/Receiving
  • Situational Offense