INSTACOACH partners with Trigger Movement Apr 07

Trigger Movement support athletes, leaders and teams in developing their performance and careers through developing a winning mindset, improving self-awareness, team work and creativity.  Read more ›

INSTACOACH & ARENA add 1,800 High-Performance Athletes Jan 30

In partnership with ARENA, the leading competitive swimming brand, some of the biggest swim clubs in the world are now using INSTACOACH to communicate better with their high performance athletes.

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INSTACOACH team at World Coaches Conference in Turkey Dec 02

ITF Worlds Coaches Conference 2015

Last week INSTACOACH team was in Turkey at the International Coaches Conference that is organized annually by the International Tennis Federation. This year Kristjan Koik, the CEO and founder of INSTACOACH gave a presentation on mobile applications such as Talent ID app and the importance of video analysis technology in the industry of tennis. 

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Hola! Spanish Tennis Federation launch Talent ID Nov 01

The Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET), one of the word's largest tennis federations, have partnered exclusively with INSTACOACH by selecting the Talent ID mobile technology platform. Read more ›

Cricket Ireland National Squad Using INSTACOACH Oct 07

Ireland's national cricket squad is using INSTACOACH to coach its high-performance players using the interactive innovative video analysis tools of the INSTACOACH App.
INSTACOACH allows them to add multiple virtual coaching sessions with the world's top cricket coaches in between the regular face to face sessions as the Cricket squad travel around the world.

You too can use INSTACOACH Cricket to improve your bowling, batting and fielding.
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Top Coach Oscar Wegner Launches on INSTACOACH May 17

Oscar Wegner, creator of Modern Tennis Methodology, a tennis-teaching system used by the Williams sisters that Oscar began developing in 1968, has selected INSTACOACH as his platform for coaching globally. Read more ›

Davis Cup coach Gaurav Malhotra on INSTACOACH Apr 18

Top US Tennis Coach Guarav Malhotra has launched his coaching academy online and is now coaching globally via the INSTACOACH platform. Read more ›

Rafael Nadal coach Luca Appino on INSTACOACH Apr 01

Top Italian Tennis Coach Luca Appino launches his academy app on INSTACOACH Read more ›

Swimming Version Launch Jan 11

In tandem with the national swimming team we have launched Swim INSTACOACH.

If you run a swimming club or association / federation, Swim INSTACOACH will 
enable you to enhance the performance of your team.

Check out the Swim promo video
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GOLF version May 05

We've listened. You want a golf version... and we're on it! Read more ›

iPad version Oct 06

To all Coaches & Players: for those of you who have been asking... Read more ›

INSTACOACH.COM launch Aug 01

Our marketing dept is so happy they're doing naked cartwheels! 
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Win an iPad Mini Mar 22

Do you want to win an iPad Mini? 
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INSTACOACH shortlisted for Best Sports App Nov 14

We're delighted to be shortlisted for this great award... and we haven't even properly launched!

The Appys reward the best in application development and innovation, highlighting cutting edge software firms at the forefront of the smart phone, tablet, social media and TV application industry.

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InstaCoach & Bono @ Web Summit Oct 23

Standing-room-only at the world's fastest growing technology event!

What a week, nearly 4,000 people, 250 other startups, 150 celeb founders.

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Follow us on Facebook Oct 22

We have just launched our Facebook page and will be sending regular updates, so be sure to Like us and keep up to date on the latest news.  Read more ›

Testers! Download the new version on Testflight Oct 08

Testing is going well and we're really grateful for all your feedback. Be sure to get the updates as they come out, almost one per day at the moment as we get ready for launch. Read more ›

Tennis Ireland - National Conference Jun 20

Over 200 coaches are expected to attend the Upcoming event on Sunday September 30th, and Instacoach representatives will be there to demonstrate the latest version of the app. Free downloads will be made available to attendees.  Read more ›

Expanded beta testing for Coaches only Jun 20

30 coaches are already signed on to help us beta test Instacoach. Feedback so far is great and they're looking forward to making money from the app when it goes mainstream. Read more ›

Private beta Apr 26

Private beta with selected coaches has begun. If you are interested in participation, please contact us via the Contact tab.
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